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Friday, January 7, 2011

Musical Goals for 2011

I have been teaching piano for more than thirty years, but I am determined not to become the stereotypical blue-haired piano instructor, rapping her students' knuckles with a ruler or nodding off during lessons. I am committed to staying breast of current publications, teaching trends, and technology, as well as keeping up my own practice and performing when possible.

To these ends, I have come up with the following list of goals for the year ahead. I hope other teachers will find it useful as they establish goals for their own studios, and that students will be inspired to come up with their own lists of goals to help them grow as musicians.

• Post to “Notes from the Piano” blog weekly.
• Practice piano one hour every day.
• Resume piano lessons.
• Add six pieces to repertoire and post them on YouTube.
• Create an original composition for the piano.
• Attend GCMTA meetings each month.
• Support student participation in NFMC Federated Festival & the GCMTA Ensemble Concert, the Asberry School of Music Spring Recital, and GMTA Fall Festival.
• Arrange student performances at area assisted living centers.
• Take advantage of adjudication opportunities.
• Attend publisher workshops.
• Attend GMTA state conference.
• Present a workshop at GMTA state conference.
• Declutter office and organize music.
• Master my technology: Roland Music Tutor, digital pianos, Sibelius software.
• Establish a computer lab for student use in the studio.
• Read MTNA journal each month.
• Write an article on music education and submit it for publication.
• Explore alternative possibilities for building studio enrollement, such as Skype, small group lessons, and summer camp.
• Set Top 5 priority lists and revise every quarter.

1. Establish and maintain schedule to incorporate practice, teaching, performing, blogging, and writing.
2. Resume piano lesson; practice piano one hour every day.
3. Support student participation in NFMC Federated Festival and the GCMTA Ensemble Concert; arrange student performances at area assisted living centers in February.
4. Take advantage of adjudication opportunities (3).
5. Attend GCMTA meetings each month.

What are some of your musical goals for 2011?


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